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Postby Mainstay » 19. Jul 2007, 06:48

I agree... very cool "About" splash page... and the image on the tambourine is Ubuntu's logo.
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Postby Son of a Beach » 19. Jul 2007, 06:55

Mainstay wrote:the image on the tambourine is Ubuntu's logo.

sheesh... I really am out of touch then! (Haven't done anything with Ubuntu yet).
Son of a Beach
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Postby newhere123 » 25. Jul 2007, 20:28

Son of a Beach wrote:Other than that, Virtual Box is sooo much better than Parallels for me, just because of its superior performance (and the price helps).

That's odd. I like VirtualBox too, because of the price :wink: , but Windows XP on VirtualBox takes much longer to load than XP on Parallels 2.5. :?:
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