Vanderpool / VX-T on OS X Hosts

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Vanderpool / VX-T on OS X Hosts

Postby cyphertc » 24. Sep 2007, 10:15


I downloaded the 1.4.1-beta2 yesterday, installed ubuntu 6.06 (from a cd that was lying around) and I am thrilled about how well this works! g r e a t work, thank you! fast, flawless, perfect!

However, I have some questions left on Vanderpool Intel hardware virtualization (aka VX-T):

- How do I find out whether Vanderpool (VX-T) is running after I check the VirtualBox - option which says "-try- to use VX-T"?
- Do I have to wait for Leopard for this feature to be unlocked anyway? Or is it only the os-x-integrated Windows-virtualization which is expected to be integrated by then and Vanderpool with 3rd party software (such as virtualbox) works already?

Thanks for your help!

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