XP wireless internet

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XP wireless internet

Postby brianmac9 » 16. Apr 2009, 17:16


i just installed VB on my MB pro and am trying to run XP. i was connected to the internet via a hard line, thanks to another forum post. but i cant seem to enable wireless internet within XP. there is nothing wrong with the MAC just within windows i cannot access the internet as it does not show me that i have a wireless card installed.

has anyone had this probelma dn can anyone help???

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Re: XP wireless internet

Postby Perryg » 16. Apr 2009, 17:23

With virtual networking you do not connect to the physical network adapter. You connect through the VM network adapter to the the hosts network. Should not matter with which connection you use on the host. Chapter 6 of the VBox users guide can help you understand more about virtual networking.
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