Xserver, Windows Server 2003 on en1...

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Xserver, Windows Server 2003 on en1...

Postby deomacius » 9. Apr 2009, 20:04

I'm trying to get Windows Server 2003 running under VirtualBox on OS X 10.5. The problem I'm having is that once I've got Windows installed and configured, I can ping and telnet to other servers and other equipment. I pull an IP address if I use DHCP. If I open the browser and try to browse, it goes nowhere. I'm attaching to en1 (the second ethernet port) and would like to setup the server with an assigned IP address on this second port.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions on how to address this? I don't mind using the command line to get this running, I just don't know exactly what I need to do. I'm using vBox 2.2.0 r45846.

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