Guest loses internet connection

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Guest loses internet connection

Postby Daniel M. Clark » 6. Apr 2009, 16:58

Host: Mac OS X 10.5.6, all updates and patches current
Guest: MS Vista, clean with only one program installed, a poker client

I've been using Parallels for quite a while, but wanted to try out VB because, well, I don't have to convince users here why I would want to do that ;) On Parallels, I installed Vista and two programs, a poker client (Doyle's Room) and a piece of software called Collectorz for organizing my comics. On VB, I only installed the poker client. Now, on Parallels, things are a bit slow, the CPU spikes periodically, but it's not terrible (except that iTunes seems to kill it, which is weird, but another topic for another day).

With VB, the problem I have is much worse - Vista loses the internet connection every 4-8 minutes. I saw elsewhere in the forums here that changing the networking from NAT to HOST solved a similar issue, so I tried that to no avail.

I'm unsure where to look at this point now. Is it a VB issue, a Vista issue or a Mac OS X issue?

Daniel M. Clark
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