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game network

Postby wyllyjon » 5. Apr 2009, 12:00

Hi all

I would like to make a game network with an XP machine. What I would like to do is my XP emulation to be visible on my home network (having an 192.168.1.XX ip).
I set the network of my virtualbox using the parameter "Attached to" set to "host network something" (adapteur réseau hôte in french) which set a bridge between the virtual XP and the host, if I understood internet forums. Normally, the virtual XP would be visible from the network, but it's not (its IP is, so it can't be visible on my network...)

I don't understand anything in network, so that's why I ask this question.

To resume :
Computer : mac (OSX Leopard) with Windows XP emulated.
Network : Wifi, with other XP computers (connected in wifi too)

I would like to play to Worms World Party (which works well with vbox), with other XP computer (WWP uses TCP/IP and IPX/SPX to play in network)

Thanks for the help !!


PS : My mac does see the other XP machines (I can use Smb file transfer)
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