Installing Mac Guest on a Mac Host

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Installing Mac Guest on a Mac Host

Postby Asuraku » 3. Apr 2009, 22:32

I basically want to use Tiger along side of Leopard. Dual booting is out of the question because my Macbook is intel and shipped with Leopard, and technically not supposed to be able to run Tiger. I'm hoping that Vbox will run it, but I don't see a selection for a Mac install anywhere.
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Re: Installing Mac Guest on a Mac Host

Postby m@riposa » 4. Apr 2009, 15:39

VirtualBox currently does not support the installation of an unmodified version of Mac OS X as a guest, even if the host is a Mac itself.

On the one hand this is because of limitations concerning the provided virtual hardware, and on the other hand because of legal issues.
I can't tell whether both drawbacks will become obsolete in the future, but as long as they persist, there is no straight way to install Mac OS X.
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