Best way to update virtualbox version

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Best way to update virtualbox version

Postby zedude » 14. Mar 2009, 10:25


What's the best scenario if you want to update your version of virtualbox ?
Do you run the msi install package over a version that already exists or do you uninstall+reboot first and do the installation afterwards ?

I'm also sceptical about what happens if Virtual Machine already exists when you do one or the other upgrade scenario

Thoughts ?
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Re: Best way to update virtualbox version

Postby TerryE » 14. Mar 2009, 14:58

Normally just running the MSI works fine. The only time I had to do an unistall/reboot/install was when I went from V1.6.6 to V2.0.2. I would still reboot after the install. This is Windows that we are talking about, after all.

The %USER_PROFILE%\.VirtualBox directory is untouched by the upgrade, except that any XML files will have their schemas updated on first use after starting the new version.
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Re: Best way to update virtualbox version

Postby SSCBrian » 18. Mar 2009, 13:34

I have to uninstall the old one, then install the new one on Vista x64. If I don't uninstall first, it acts like it's installing, but doesn't. About box still reports the old version number and the old bugs still exist.
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