Release schedule for OS X?

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Release schedule for OS X?

Postby jasonparekh » 4. Sep 2007, 23:53

Congratulations on pushing out the 1.5.0 release for Windows and Linux. I was curious on whether the Mac OS X release schedule would be aligned with the other two hosts in the future? I'm not sure the difficulty of porting the changes to Mac, and I expect there to be a huge divergence from either, but figured I'd ask? Specifically, when is the OS X 1.5.0 release expected?

Thanks for a great product,
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Yes, update?

Postby N9YTY » 13. Sep 2007, 22:51

I'm also very curious about the release plans/schedule for the OS X Host.

I own both Parallels and VMWare, but I would love to have this as a viable option for many people who always ask me about how they can run their old Windows license but they don't want to shell out yet another $80 to do it.

I just played around with the beta2 for a bit today for the first time and I'm very impressed.

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Postby newhere123 » 17. Sep 2007, 20:34

I'd also like to know when version 1.5 will be available for Mac OS X. And, will it have the ability to do stuff like Seamless mode with Windows and Linux guests? Right now I use Parallels, and I'd like to know when I can move over to VirtualBox. ;)

Just one thing: Get nicer icons for the dock. The windows flag icon or virtual box icon is kind of ugly.
If you want, I could try to make some nicer icons (though you probably have a team of excellent graphic artists already).
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