OS X Host / VM XP - Can't get audio to work on WinXP

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OS X Host / VM XP - Can't get audio to work on WinXP

Postby billiam35 » 27. Feb 2009, 07:47

Okay....*rockin'* software. Seriously. Haven't been this impressed in a long time.

That being said, I can't get my audio to work in VB in the XP VM. I've tried setting my Advanced Audio setting to "Core Audio" and the default audio device to no avail.

Any other users experience this prob?

I'm running an average install of XP, updated with all the current SP's, on a MacBook Pro.

I'm prob missing something super basic and I'm tired. Answer the question and fix the issue, and I'd buy you a 5.00 footlong at Subway or at least a Diet Mountain Dew if we were neighbors.


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Postby tkwm » 27. Feb 2009, 13:55

Search the forum for "xp audio",
deinstall any audiodriver already installed under windows. shut down windows. Choose core-audio and ICH AC97 in the VM's audio settings.
Start the VM, install the guest-additions.
Your mac's internal audio should work now, if you want to use an external audio-device you will have to search the forum for something like "xp audio fw".
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