Can I Run A VM At Startup?

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Can I Run A VM At Startup?

Postby deccy » 25. Feb 2009, 03:52


I'm just started using VirtualBox and I'm very happy with it.
I love running in seamless mode, and I was just wondering: is it possible to have a Virtual Machine load at startup and go straight into seamless mode?

I can get the VirtualBox program to load at startup, but I cannot get a disk to load.

Thanks, for any help. :)
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Postby tkwm » 25. Feb 2009, 04:24

Have look at
Instead of throwing the script onto the dock you can throw your script into Systempreferences.User.Startobjects (? in german Systemeinstellungen.Benutzer.Startobjekte) or select from there your script.

Or while your script is running you can select in the dock the corresponding context-menu and select open at login (? in german Bei der Anmeldung öffnen).
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