VLANs with OS X and Virtualbox

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VLANs with OS X and Virtualbox

Postby thirdorderharmonic » 13. Feb 2009, 01:01

I apologize if this has been asked, as I wasn't able to find it in my searches.

I'm running virualbox on a Mac Pro (2 physical nics) and have 3 different virtual machines that I'd like to connect to three different subnets. I was hoping to do this with "Host Interface" networking using VLANs.

I've already got a VLAN set up in OS X under network preferences --> manage virtual interfaces, but these do not show up as selectable host interfaces in virtualbox. The VLAN is communicating properly via a trunk port on my switch. In the OS X network window i have en0, en1, airport, and vlan0, but in virtualbox I'm still only able to select en0, en1, and airport.

So..... is there any way to make vlan0 show up as a host interface selection in virtualbox, or is there any other way to have a virtual machine connect via host interface networking and put 802.1q tags on its packets?

Any help would be most appreciated. Worst case I could go buy additional nics, but I'd be better if i could get VLANs working.....

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