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MacWorld topics followup

Postby schnide » 12. Feb 2009, 15:09


Had a conversation with someone at the VirtualBox booth at MacWorld. He suggested some solutions accessing the Keyspan USB-serial adapter that worked fine. He also mentioned the forum software would be updated soon that would allow for rss feeds. The other issue discussed was the use of command-tab on the mac to switch between running applications on the mac. Currently VB does not allow command-tab to be used to switch between apps running on the mac. The user needs to 'click' out of VB to get to finder or another app and then use command-tab to jump to another application. He was not aware of this functionality, said it was a good idea and would be in the next update.

Can anyone provide an update on:
1) When will the forum software be updated to allow for the use of rss feeds for the forums
2) Will the command-tab functionality be available on the mac in the next VB update.

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