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RAM issue - not an optimal setting

PostPosted: 11. Feb 2009, 14:43
by Energetics
Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding Windows Vista 64 on a Macbook with Mac OSX 10.5.6.. The Macbook has 4GB of RAM; therefore i decided to give 2GB to te virtual machine. But when i choose this setting there is a small hint "Some settings are not optimal". Why is it a "problem" to give 2GB to the virtual machine?

Thanks a lot


PostPosted: 13. Feb 2009, 02:47
by over_clox
I'm not a VBox developer, but it might have to do some extra bank switching to use real system memory over 1GB or something. Just a thought.

PostPosted: 13. Feb 2009, 19:16
by wplj42
I get the same kind of error. I only have 1 Gig of RAM and VB gets upset if I allocate more than 500 Meg. Also, the error occurs if more than 14 Meg of video is used. I have an iMac 20 with 128 Meg of video.

PostPosted: 19. Feb 2009, 12:05
by Sasquatch
That is the default warning if you set more than half of the system RAM. If you push it too far, the Host won't have any RAM left for use. Thus the warning of non-optimal settings. You can ignore it if you have plenty of RAM.