Cannot play audio CD's with Windows Media Player 10

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Cannot play audio CD's with Windows Media Player 10

Postby KeesS » 4. Feb 2009, 13:03


When I insert an audio CD in my iMac (8,1 , Intel Core 2 Duo) and like to play the CD with Media Player, the program freezes; it does not crash but when clicking on it, it says it is not responding.
Windows explorer recognizes it is an audio CD though.
Playing mp3's from the hard disk works fine.

I'm using Windows XP Professional SP2. I also have a bootcamp partition with the same Windows version, here the CD audio is OK.
I have the latest version of Virtual Box installed and also the guest additions. I hoped that the 2.12 upgrade would help to solve this issue, as it also occurred in the previous version.

I experimented with a lot of settings in Virtual Box, but nothing helped.

Can anyone help me out?


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