Can't remove virtual machine

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Can't remove virtual machine

Postby rimporimp » 3. Feb 2009, 01:25

Ok. Running iMac. I setup virtualbox w/ Windows XP. I want to run Adobe CS2 and it says I need 1.5 GB.

The virtual control panel slider won't let me allocate anymore space. I'm thinking that I didn't allocate enough space to begin with, and maybe if I remove the machine and start over I can set a higher amount.

The manual said I can remove a virtual machine, but there is no "remove" button??? Nothing in the snapshot history.

I tried uninstalling the whole program, and when I download it again, my old settings are still saved?

I know that this should work because I ran a trial of VMWare Fusion and my computer had enough space.

Why can't I delete a created machine, and why can't I completely uninstall the program with the uninstall application?
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Postby tkwm » 3. Feb 2009, 03:10

Have a look at $HOME/Library/Virtualbox. (I don't know how often I had to write this over the last weeks...)

How much ram does your iMac have? You can't allocate more ram to the vm as there is free ram available. You can check with /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor how much ram is available.
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Can't remove virtual machine

Postby wplj42 » 5. Feb 2009, 01:33

If you want to delete a virtual hard drive and create a new one, you have to first delete the operating system from the VB main menu. Then click on File on the Apple menu bar. Then click the only option, Virtual Disk Manager. That will open a new window. Click on Hard Disks, then click remove. There may be another (more complex) way to do this, but this one is all I know. One thing I found with installing Windows 7 Beta is unless I uses the Fixed-size image method, Windows Install would crash while expanding files. Perhaps the dynamically expanding image could not expand quickly enough. It does take forever to make a Fixed-size image file, but so far it is worth the extra time. This is all with the assumption you need more hard drive space and not RAM. And while you can adjust RAM and video memory after the fact, once a virtual hard drive is created, it is done.
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