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Boot Camp

Postby javajoey » 2. Feb 2009, 17:29

I already have boot camp set up. Can I assume that it's a good idea to delete that? And is it possible to reclaim the partition? Or can I use the Boot Camp partition as a hard drive for the virtual machine. The docs aren't too clear on that.

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Postby tkwm » 2. Feb 2009, 18:07

I would keep my BootCamp-partition. With BootCamo your Mac acts like any other WindowsPC. Ok, with better hardware than many other PCs.
There are several things that do not work perfect with virtualisation, games, (illegale) sw to circumvent copyprotection or even the little fact that virtualbox until now does not support audio-input on the mac or that there are a couple of usb-devices that are not fully functional.

But if you want to delete your BootCamp-partition you should make a backup before. I use a program called WinClone that allows you to make a backup of your BootCamp-partition from within OS-X.

And you will have to deactivate your legal (?!) XP or Vista in BootCamp, before you can use it under VirtualBox.

Parallels allows you to convert your BootCamp-partition to a virtual-disc, something that, as far as I know, does not work with virtualbox for Mac at the moment, though there is a command to convert an existing disc/partition to a virtual-disc. I haven't tried this by myself, and if the above statement is wrong, please correct me somebody.
To get more info on this you should search the forum for something like "raw disk access".
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Can activate XP for both Bootcamp and VBox

Postby pjgilliam » 6. Feb 2009, 21:36

I was able to activate my legal OEM Windows XP for both bootcamp and for a VBox VM: I loaded the bootcamp first and activated it with the on-line activation feature. When I tried to do the same thing for the VM, the on-line activation feature failed and I called the activation phone number and explained that although I wanted multiple active activations, they where all on the same physical computer. The human on the line did the activation.
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Postby earchide » 6. Feb 2009, 21:54

no. I kept mine, because it was impossible (for me at least) to configure serial ports (for my Palm) and also some hungry on-line applications (like virtual body for example) doesn't run on VB.
... and I hope that some VB release will run bootcamp partitions some day (like parallels does)...
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