win guest on Mac OSX - IE slow to open Mac OSX files

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win guest on Mac OSX - IE slow to open Mac OSX files

Postby tchvil » 30. Jan 2009, 14:58

On a Mac OSX(10.5.6) host with a WinXP guest and Guest Additions installed. I'm running VBox 2.1.2 but this problem existed in previous versions too.

Internet Explorer takes a long... long time to open an HTML file stored on a Mac OSX folder.

the path is something like:

With FireFox and Chrome it is instantaneous. IE6 and IE7 are both slow.

I've used Fiddler to check the network traffic. There are multiple DNS Lookup for vboxsvr - with the error 502 in the log.

Any idea where to look at?
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Postby baf » 30. Jan 2009, 16:30

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