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Log file folder location

PostPosted: 24. Jan 2009, 16:42
by E
I have been unable to find a way to change the log file folder location in OS X. Ideally, I would like log files to be stored somewhere other than my applications folder. The user manual says log files are typically installed in


Can this be changed? If it cannot be changed, can I safely delete log files? Thanks!

PostPosted: 24. Jan 2009, 18:41
by tkwm
I find my log-files under $HOME/Library/VirtualBox/Machines/{machinename}/Logs.
There seems to be no way to change the location.
You dont't need to delete the log-files, only the last four are kept. But I guess you can delete them without harm.

PostPosted: 25. Jan 2009, 17:16
by E
Interesting. I can live with just deleting the log files every so often. I have accumulated about 100 or so. It just clutters up the app folder in OS X.

PostPosted: 25. Jan 2009, 18:01
by tkwm
Can't reproduce this. I looked from Terminal with ls -la and I don't have log-files in the application-folder, nor under $HOME/.VirtualBox.
Maybe you are using an older version of Virtualbox, and maybe you should deinstall it via the shellscript included with the installer and reinstall it.

PostPosted: 25. Jan 2009, 18:57
by E
I'm currently running v2.1.2. I upgraded from 2.0.6 just a few days ago. I did just notice, however, that the most recent log file in the apps folder is dated 12/5/2008. I have used VBox a lot since then. Maybe something changed in the latest version that affects log files, although I don't see any mention of that in the change log. I may try deleting the log files in the apps folder and see what happens. I have everything on my system backed up, so I can always recover later if it snarls something.

PostPosted: 25. Jan 2009, 19:06
by tkwm
Is 12/5/2008 british dateformat, december or mai?
Delete the log-files and see what happens. And have a look at $HOME/Library/VirtualBox/Machines/{machinename}/Logs if there are more recent log-files.

PostPosted: 25. Jan 2009, 20:02
by E
Sorry, 12/5/2008 is US (m/d/yyyy).

But yes, I just checked and there are more recent log files in $HOME/Library/VirtualBox/Machines/{machinename}/Logs. The naming syntax in the log file names is also different. There are only 4, but the earliest one is dated around the time I upgraded to 2.1.2. It is obvious that VBox is now storing log files in this new location on my machine (which I'm much happier with).

I deleted the old log files in my OS X apps folder, and I'm not seeing any problems.

Thanks for your help.