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Re: Italian keyboard problems SOLVED !

Postby passegua » 11. Feb 2009, 21:24

T3ch wrote:
passegua wrote:
T3ch wrote:Hi,
if I haven't a desktop environment (KDE, gnome, ecc), how can I setup " third level keys"?

Thank you

I don't have any desktop environment. I clic on system, preferences, keyboard.
then I choose the second tab: disposition and other options, there I find the third level

sorry, but if you do not have a desktop environment (eg kde, gnome, xfc, etc) how can you click on a preference?
If you have a text-only system, you can not click on preference because there is nothing on which to click.

Can someone help me configure the keyboard to manage keys as € @ on a Linux guest that does not have a desktop environment but only the bash?

Sorry I was not clear. I installed Ubuntu on Virtual box, installed Ubuntu such as it comes from the ubuntu repository, didn't do anything more than that. I do not even know what a desktop environment is.
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