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Virtual Image on external Firewire Volume

PostPosted: 23. Aug 2007, 01:50
by darkie
Hi there,

I have Windows XP Professional SP2 running in a guest that has a master disk image located on an external disk - this way, I reduce load on my host's harddisk when both machines are paging. There is however a flaw to this plan; should my external drive be disconnected accidently, I obviously lose the VM, and the guest volume dies; when I restart the VM, I'm given the 'Disk read error, please use the three finger salute to restart"-yada, yada. My questions as they stand are:

- Is there any way to recover from this?
- If not, will there be a way in future releases of VirtualBox?
- Is there some protection that can be put into VirtualBox that can prevent data loss?

I realise I'm running 1.4.1-beta; I'm not running this on a production machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as VirtualBox seems to be a exemplary (and free!) replacement for other virtualisation solutions such as Parallels and Fusion - one perhaps, that I'm prepared to use in the long run :)