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Can anyone recommend a Linux distro + version that works?

PostPosted: 16. Aug 2007, 19:05
by RagingAvatar
As per topic.

PostPosted: 17. Aug 2007, 15:35
by kettcar
Try Elive for Macbooks (if you have one):

PostPosted: 18. Aug 2007, 11:19
by RagingAvatar
Well, i needed a full featured distro to do programming in (I should have been more specific in my original question..)

I couldn't get Redhat 5.1, 5.2 or 6.2 to work under Virtualbox and ran off and started using QEMU.

Redhat 9 worked under QEMU very well and so I thought I'd better give Virtualbox another go then because the Virtualisation should offer a significant speed increase..

Redhat 9 runs flawlessly under Virtualbox - with MASSIVE performance boosts over QEMU.

I am running it on a stock black Macbook with 512mb ram.[/b]

Redhat 9 on OS X?

PostPosted: 22. Aug 2007, 16:43
by konfuzed
Dear RagiingAvatar,

I've attempted a few times, with no success, to visit the blogspot link in your messages. I've got a black, 13", 2GHz Core Duo (not 2) Macbook and I'm trying to run Ubuntu 7.04 thru VirtualBox. Everything works well except sound. No matter what I do, I cannot get any sound thru my speakers. I found your recommendation for Redhat 9 and just wanted to ask, is that a free distro or did you buy a disc set? Where can I get ver. 9? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Living up (or down) to my screen name . . .

PostPosted: 22. Aug 2007, 17:13
by konfuzed
Dear RagingAvatar,

Please disregard my latest post. I revisited my VirtualBox Guest Ubuntu. I'd found an old problem ticket on VirtualBox's site referring to the sound problem. There was mention of the Null audio drivers. I went back to my VirtualBox Ubuntu settings and changed the sound preference from Null to Core Audio and now sound works perfectly in my Linux guest! Maybe this will help anyone else who has experienced a similar problem.

Still, if you'd highly recommend Redhat 9, I'd be interested in info on where to get a distro and any installation tips. I'm very new to Linux, so please excuse any inappropriate terminology.