Problem installing Windows 98

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Problem installing Windows 98

Postby GenieNitro » 11. Aug 2007, 00:00

Hi I have a Micbook with 1gb RAM. I've set up a virtual win98 maching with 1gb hd and 60mb ram.

When I try to install Windows98se I get an error box which says "Windows 98 requires a computer with at least 16mb of memory". The installation then stops. This comes up just after the disk check but before the choosing of the installation directory...

Any ideas?


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Win 98 - CD driver on floppy ?

Postby acellier » 13. Aug 2007, 02:41

I haven't been able to get past the first page of the Win 98 startup floppy, when I ask for CD support. When I say "no CD", I can go on to format a HD image but can't read CD image...
I'm using a Mini, 10.4.10.
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Postby GenieNitro » 13. Aug 2007, 18:59

Well - I gave up and installed XP instead! Working nively except for the lack of USB support (I'm on OSX 10.4.10).


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98 on MacBookPro OK

Postby MarsBravo » 5. Sep 2007, 22:12

Installing 98 in a virtual box gives the same 'huh's as in a real box.

Mac Book Pro 17", while running several widgets (astronomy, weather, live radio, network analysers), firefox on several pages, sigma chess and stellarium simultaniously; external usb disk with two partitions and mounted both.

boot order cd-hd, no floppy!
mem 328 mb, videomem 8 mb, dynamic image

Started yesterday with the first installation, with network support, and a networkicon on the desk of 98
Today a second installation (no net), because I froze the abovementioned. So, 98 does not like the fridge...
Just close 98 in its own way, and all is well. If frozen nevertheless, discard it in the main screen of Virtual Box and restart: also ok.

During installation of 98, before its first attempt to boot on its own, totally garbled display. Close the virtual box window ('hard reset') and restart in VB's main window. Naturally, 98 displays blue checkdisk after not closed properly, and finishes its installation. Detecting processes can take ages, as in real life.

Graphical issue: select the apple monitor and SVGA, max size is 800x600.
Going to try to get the VirtualBox 98 window on a separate monitor
Audio, network and usb (& remote) to find out.

Thanks to Innotek!
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