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PCI passthrough for GPU....

PostPosted: 23. Oct 2021, 22:27
by dleemoon
I have a 2015 iMac currently using Parallels to run Windoze 7 Pro so I can run my Windoze only astronomy software.

I have new software for Windoze that uses a computer's GPU, in addition to the CPU, for computing hundreds of thousands of vectors which a GPU does far faster than the CPU. Unfortunately, Parallels does NOT allow direct access to my iMac's GPU so I am stuck with very slow CPU only computations.

Question: Will VBox running Windoze 7 Pro on my iMac allow my Windoze astronomy software to access the GPU directly using some sort of PCI passthrough to avoid having only a virtual GPU which will NOT work with my new software?

Any help and/or information will be of great help to me,

Re: PCI passthrough for GPU....

PostPosted: 23. Oct 2021, 23:48
by scottgus1
dleemoon wrote:Will VBox ... access the GPU directly

No, Virtualbox does not do this. Better try Windows on the physical hardware instead.