Many mouse problems inside guest Ubuntu and Mint

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Many mouse problems inside guest Ubuntu and Mint

Postby Phil2Nice » 6. Dec 2021, 18:12


i am facing strange mouse problems I don't know how to fix/solve/configure. could you help ?
let me explain:
    my Host ia a Mac Book with BigSur 11.6.1 and my VirtualBox is 6.1.30 r148432 (Qt5.6.3)
    my VMs Guests are Ubuntu 20.4, Ubuntu 21.04, and MINT 20.02
    mouse moves are fast and ok in VMs,
the issue 1:
    File finders/explorers/manager applications does not work well and leads to annoying behaviors.
    for example some times a double click does not respond by opening a folder and after that it seems that the application thinks I want to move the folder to some other place. I cannot get rid of that except sometimes again by hitting ESC key on keyboard or by "clicking right" the mouse
    Sometimes this makes the VM hanging for a while.

the issue 2:
    when I press "right button" on the mouse, the guest receives the message and the file submenu opens for that selected files but as soon as I release the button the sub menu is closed
it s totally impossible to work with this virtualbox
I would appreciate any suggestion/help
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Re: Many mouse problems inside guest Ubuntu and Mint

Postby scottgus1 » 6. Dec 2021, 18:19

Please pick one VM that exhibits this problem.

Start the VM from full power off, not save-state. Run until you see the problem happen, then shut down the VM from within the VM OS if possible. If not possible, close the Virtualbox window for the VM with the Power Off option set.

Please right-click the VM in the main Virtualbox window's VM list, choose Show Log. Save the far left tab's log, zip the log file, and post the zip file, using the forum's Upload Attachment tab.
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