"VirtualBox VM quit unexpectedly"

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"VirtualBox VM quit unexpectedly"

Postby daniellbt » 29. Sep 2021, 04:49

Hi, I use a 2020 Macbook Pro (13-in), operating on macOS Big Sur v. 11.5.2, and I've been using Virtual Box for the past month for one of my classes. Just tonight, I've been receiving errors when I try to start my virtual machine that "VirtualBox VM quit unexpectedly." with the status of lubuntu reading "Aborted." I've read that it could be an audio issue, but I've checked that my audio is off. Would really appreciate any advice as to how to fix this issue.

I've attached my zip file of my log, if that might provide any insight!
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Re: "VirtualBox VM quit unexpectedly"

Postby mpack » 29. Sep 2021, 10:00

00:00:01.515101 Host RAM: 8192MB (8.0GB) total, 2003MB available
00:00:01.611213 RamSize <integer> = 0x0000000100000000 (4 294 967 296, 4 096 MB, 4.0 GB)
00:00:01.611436 VRamSize <integer> = 0x0000000008000000 (134 217 728, 128 MB)

This (literally) doesn't add up. On this host you can't really afford to allocate more than 1024MB to any VM. Maybe if you shut down any memory hogs you have running, or added more RAM to your Macbook.
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