Virtualbox 6.x w/ GuestAdditions 5.x - Vagrant box

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Virtualbox 6.x w/ GuestAdditions 5.x - Vagrant box

Postby falcon74 » 16. Mar 2020, 22:30


Recently I setup a Vagrant 'box' based on generic/centos7 (from, which in more familiar terms (those who are unfamiliar with Vagrant) means a Virtualbox guest VM using an image based on CentOS7 Minimal ISO w/ 2 vCPU, 2GB vRAM, 1 NAT vNIC etc. My host is Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise Edition, and Virtualbox is 6.1.2. Vagrant does the 'automagical' creation of the Virtualbox guest with the right image and settings as defined above.

What I noticed on the guest VM is running Guest Additions version 5.2.34r133893 ! It seems that guest additions are working as expected -- well based on lsmod output, i.e.
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[vagrant@centos7 yum.repos.d]$ lsmod | grep vboxguest
vboxguest             311499  2 vboxsf

[vagrant@centos7 yum.repos.d]$ sudo /usr/sbin/VBoxService --version

Is that really expected to work ? That is, do 5.x guest-additions work with 6.1 Virtualbox ?

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Re: Virtualbox 6.x w/ GuestAdditions 5.x - Vagrant box

Postby scottgus1 » 16. Mar 2020, 23:50

You'll need to ask on the Vagrant forums. Vagrant uses Virtualbox in ways we can't predict. We only support Virtualbox itself here.

However it is OK to run older Guest Additions, unless a particular feature requires an upgrade.
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