Big problem with Snapshots

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Big problem with Snapshots

Postby Permanent » 8. Mar 2020, 15:17


I installed VirtualBox 6.1.4 on a new installed Debian 10.3 and have a problem with snapshots.
It looks like I can create a snapshot (well, there is at least no error and there are files in the guests snapshot folder), but I'm not able to access the snapshots.
When I select the guest in the main window the menu items Snapshot->Delete and Snapshot->Restore are greyed out.
The menu items Snapshot->New, Snapshot->Properties and Snapshot->Clone are accessible, but only "New" and "Clone" are working. When I click on Snapshopts->Properties nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you and best regards

Edit: I don't know if this is related, but when I select a guest in the VirtualBox Manager Window and select "Machine" -> "Tools" from the menu, none of the sub menu items ("Details", "Snapshots", "Logs") give a reaction after clicking.
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Re: Big problem with Snapshots

Postby scottgus1 » 8. Mar 2020, 15:52

Try this: If you have any Virtualbox guests or other processes that start when the host PC starts, disable these. Reboot your host so no Virtualbox processes are running.

Got to the folder containing Virtualbox.xml, usually /home/{username}/.config/VirtualBox. Move the whole Virtualbox folder to your desktop. When the main Virtualbox window starts again it will see the missing folder and build a new one with no guests listed. Now use the Machine menu, Add command to add a snapshotted guest that had the problem. See if the guest continues to have the problem. Keep adding previous guests one at a time, testing functionality between each guest add.

If you get all guests added and Virtualbox remains fully functional, then the old Virtualbox.xml or some support file was having problems. Any settings in File menu Preferences, as well as custom Host-Only and NAT Networks will need to be reset.

If the problem returns after one guest is added, note which guest it is, then reboot , delete the new Virtualbox folder, open the main Virtualbox window, and repeat the test, noting if the same guest makes the functionality go bad again. If so, there is something wrong in this guest. See if you can add all the other guests back in while skipping this guest and still maintain functionality. Zip and post this guest's .vbox file using the forum's Upload Attachment tab.
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