VirtualBox Manager CLI equvilent?

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VirtualBox Manager CLI equvilent?

Postby Phil.H » 2. Mar 2020, 20:14

Using VB 6.1 running in Fedora 31 I have configured a guest OS to properly start at boot with VBoxManage startvm Win --type headless This works just fine.

From the VirtualBox Manager GUI there is a "Show" button for a running guest, which again, works as expected. My question is, would there be a command line option to perform this same task.

I have read through much documentation plus google, nothing seems relevent
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Re: VirtualBox Manager CLI equvilent?

Postby scottgus1 » 3. Mar 2020, 04:14

Yes, 'VBoxManage startvm Win --type separate', same as if you're starting it detachable instead of headless.

The only command missing in the whole scheme is the one that would hide the window. A host-key combo can be set for that, to run the guest Machine menu, Detach GUI.
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