Doubt with USB sticks

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Doubt with USB sticks

Postby Bodoke1969 » 28. Feb 2020, 23:00

Good afternoon everyone:

   I send a greeting and in turn, I share a question I have and sorry if the question sounds silly:

I have running virtualbox V6.1 on a machine with kubuntu v19.10, and I have a virtualbox virtual machine with windows 7 32bits SP1, and here is my question:

When I put my 8GB USB flash drive ScanDisk, I can see it in kubuntu, but, when I run the virtual machine with windows 7, and enable the usb in virtualbox, if it recognizes me in windows 7, but, I no longer I see in kubuntu, and if in virtualbox I disable it, I already see it in kubuntu, but, I no longer see it in windows, what can I do so that both in kubuntu and in the virtual machine with windows, I can interact at the same time?

Greetings and forgive my ignorance and I hope you can help me.
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Re: Doubt with USB sticks

Postby birdie » 29. Feb 2020, 00:06

Mount it in Kubuntu.

Use the shared folder feature of VirtualBox and pass-through the mount point to Windows (something like /media/USB-STICK).
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Re: Doubt with USB sticks

Postby scottgus1 » 29. Feb 2020, 05:27

To add to birdie's good advice, the reason your USB stick is in one device or the other but not both is because USB cannot be connected to two devices at once.

Birdie's recommendation is to use the Guest Additions Shared Folders to share a folder from the USB stick into the guest. Note that GASFs are for file transfer only. See ... redfolders

If you need to run programs or databases from the USB stick, set up a real Virtualbox network, Bridged or Host-Only, then use typical Linux folder sharing to share a folder from the USB stick to the guest via the network.
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