Yet another problem with VirtualBox

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Yet another problem with VirtualBox

Postby WhatHaveYou » 22. Jan 2020, 17:51

Using 3D graphics acceleration on a Windows guest stuffs Office. See this, long, bug report: How on earth can something with such a serious problem (on multiple graphics architectures) make it into a release - or, if it does, not get fixed pronto? I'm not actually asking for a reply; I am just letting off steam. I presume, though, that my source, which is the VirtualBox PPA for Ubuntu Bionic, really is production. Perhaps it is not. The .deb available on the VirtualBox site seems to be an older version . . Except, hold on, according to that bug report, older versions are affected too. There is also this post on this forum about the problem: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=95996. (That thread says that turning off a Windows transparency setting works-around most of the problems. It didn't fix the gross problem I have with Office. I had to disable 3d acceleration.)
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Re: Yet another problem with VirtualBox

Postby scottgus1 » 22. Jan 2020, 18:01

The new video arrangement is having its growing pains. It had to be changed due to the train-size security hole the old video system had.

I would always try to keep my Guest Additions version synchronized with the Virtualbox version, so the 3D acceleration drivers in the guest are what Virtualbox on the host expects to communicate with.

Also, if I switched Guest Additions I would uninstall the old GAs, then reboot the guest, then install the new GAs.

Further, the 3D acceleration in Virtualbox talks to the host PC's video drivers, which can be quite an array of different versions that Virtualbox has to talk to and hopefully use. Lots of room for issues there. Try keeping host video drivers up-to-date too.

Whether this will affect anything in this issue is anyone's guess. I am not using a Windows 10 guest right now.
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