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Transfer of VM fails

PostPosted: 22. Aug 2019, 16:57
by ith140
I'm having an issue where I have a guest linux VM that works on OS X. When I export the VM to run on a Linux (Arch) host I cannot start the machine and get a critical error. I'm wondering if this might be related to an EFI issue (I'm not using secure boot), as I have another CentOs guest that runs just fine, but this one isn't using EFI. I'm using the latest stable version of virutalbox 6.0.10. Anyone having similar issues and hopefully a solution?

I've attached my log file. From what I can tell there's some strange behaviour with CPU[0] which also might be related to emR3Debug: rc=VERR_PGM_INVALID_CR3_ADDR.


Re: Transfer of VM fails

PostPosted: 22. Aug 2019, 17:13
by mpack
From what I can tell this appears to have something to do with Spectre/Meltdown fixes in recent Linux kernels. If you can withdraw those fixes then that might be a useful test.