RDP connections fail with VRDP external auth types

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RDP connections fail with VRDP external auth types

Postby libIT » 20. Aug 2019, 19:17

Host: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-55-generic x86_64)
Guest: parted magic live CD, bridged adapter

I'm having trouble with VRDP auth in VirtualBox 6.0.1. When VRDP auth type is set to null, RDP connections can be made successfully. When VRDP auth type is set to external, connections are negotiated, but end with the error message TCP Close; no successful RDP session occurs. I've tried both using both external auth methods, VBoxAuth and VBoxAuth simple. I've used multiple RDP clients. What am I missing? Thanks!

VBoxManage --version
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VBoxManage list extpacks
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Extension Packs: 1
Pack no. 0:   Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
Version:      6.0.10
Revision:     132072
Description:  USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Host Controller, Host Webcam, VirtualBox RDP, PXE ROM, Disk Encryption, NVMe.
VRDE Module:  VBoxVRDP
Usable:       true
Why unusable:

VBoxManage showvminfo pmagic
(6.61 KiB) Downloaded 14 times

VBox.log for pmagic vm:
(107.94 KiB) Downloaded 13 times
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Re: RDP connections fail with VRDP external auth types

Postby socratis » 21. Aug 2019, 10:56

Just so that you know you're not alone, I've never been able to successfully RDP to a VM that used anything except "Null" authentication method. I don't know what's going on either... :?
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