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Linked files from guest to host

Postby chameau » 20. Aug 2019, 18:58

I have a current install of Windows XP on Disk 1 partition (C drive) and the data for some of the application on Disk 2 partition (E drive). For example the program files for 'Outlook' are on C drive, but the 'PST' file is on E drive.
My intention is to backup/convert C drive to VDI. Format C dive and install Linux (mint 19.0). Install VirtualBox and install within the backed VDI of Win XP. Disk 2 with E drive is still on the computer, will the link to the 'PST' file still work? I assume I would have to make the 'PST' file (or the folder it is in) a 'Shared' folder? would that work? Is it possible to make an entire partition (E drive) a 'Share' Folder? The link would have to be read and write. Remember that E drive is on a separate physical hard drive. thanks
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Re: Linked files from guest to host

Postby socratis » 21. Aug 2019, 08:42

chameau wrote:I assume I would have to make the 'PST' file (or the folder it is in) a 'Shared' folder? would that work?
It could work, it could fail. VirtualBox's Shared Folders present a very simplified file system implementation, just enough to read/write files from/to the guest. Many applications can error when using Shared Folders, because they expect advanced features, for example file locking, access controls, etc., which don't exist as a concept for Shared Folders.

What could potentially work is to share (Windows sharing, SMB, CIFS, whatever you want to call it) your entire drive (which is not going to be called E:\ if you move to Mint) and from the guest VM permanent map that share to a drive E:\. Could work in theory...
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