Windows Server Updates ends in Guru Meditation

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Windows Server Updates ends in Guru Meditation

Postby Slimm » 16. Aug 2019, 16:39


I have the following error. Everytime I update both of my Windows Server 2016 vms I get a "Guru Meditation" while the VM tries to do a automatic reboot.
After a reboot of the host everything works fine and I can start my servers without problems.
My host-system is a Debian Stretch (4.9.168-1+deb9u5 (2019-08-11) x86_64 GNU/Linux) with VirtualBox 6.0.4.
Rebooting the vms without Windows Updates everything works fine...
14:55:58.779015 VMMDev: Guest Log: VBoxMP::vboxWddmPickResources: found the VBE card
14:55:58.779395 Changing the VM state from 'RUNNING' to 'GURU_MEDITATION'
14:55:58.779417 Console: Machine state changed to 'GuruMeditation'
14:55:58.779884 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:55:58.779885 !!
14:55:58.779886 !! VCPU5: Guru Meditation -1607 (VERR_PGM_HANDLER_NOT_FOUND)
14:55:58.779901 !!
14:55:58.779912 !!
14:55:58.779913 !! {mappings, <NULL>}
14:55:58.779914 !!
14:55:58.779926 The mappings are DISABLED.
14:55:58.779930 00000000fa800000 - 00000000fbbfffff Hypervisor Memory Area
14:55:58.779935 00000000fbc00000 - 00000000fcbfffff Above 4GB Base RAM
14:55:58.779940 00000000fcc00000 - 00000000fdbfffff Above 4GB Base RAM (#2)
14:55:58.779943 00000000fdc00000 - 00000000febfffff Above 4GB Base RAM (#3)
14:55:58.779947 00000000fec00000 - 00000000ffbfffff Above 4GB Base RAM (#4)
14:55:58.779950 !!
14:55:58.779950 !! {hma, <NULL>}
14:55:58.779951 !!
14:55:58.779954 Hypervisor Memory Area (HMA) Layout: Base 00000000fa800000, 0x01400000 bytes
14:55:58.779958 00000000fbb1a000-00000000fbb1b000 DYNAMIC fence
14:55:58.779967 00000000fbb0b000-00000000fbb1a000 00007f22b804b000 00007f22b804b000 LOCKED alloc once (PGM_MAPPINGS)
14:55:58.779978 00000000fbb0a000-00000000fbb0b000 DYNAMIC fence

I'll attach the full log file.
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Re: Windows Server Updates ends in Guru Meditation

Postby vbpaul » 27. Sep 2019, 22:55

I'm having a similar problem. 75% of the time when I do a restart from within the Windows 10 64-bit Pro VM, I get the same Guru Meditation crash.

I think my issue could be RAM related. I originally allocated 4096+128 (RAM+VRAM) to the VM, on an 8GB Windows 10 Host. I'm going to upgrade my ram to 16GB which should hopefully give me more breathing room.

My understanding is that VERR_PGM_HANDER_NOT_FOUND is because of the "PaGed Memory manager", so it indicates some issue with RAM I suppose.
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