So many problems with kernel version 5

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So many problems with kernel version 5

Postby user123 » 16. Aug 2019, 03:36

Ever since kernel version 5 got pushed into mainline updates I've had nothing but problems with virtualbox. I can't run it on a host with kernel v5, the guest extensions don't work on a guest with v5. I tried upgrading to virtualbox 6.0.10. Didn't help.

The install says it completes and vbox runs but the kernel drivers won't compile, won't load if they are compiled, aren't linked in modules.dep properly. Virtualbox also seems to have a lot of problems with selinux and secureboot. I can tell the devs are not using either in thier development environment.

I did finally manage to get the kernel drivers to load using kernel v5 after a whole day of effort. This may come in helpful to someone. 6.0.4 doesn't even build the drivers properly, 6.0.10 builds them but won't link or load them. So to start you have to install 6.0.10 copy the drivers somewhere then downgrade to 6.0.4. Make sure selinux is disabled during install.

Once 6.0.4 is installed copy the drivers to /usr/lib/modules/5.x.x/misc, sign them if you are using secureboot and then run depmod -a
After that it should load automatically on boot.
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