Absolute beginner question

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Absolute beginner question

Postby Peter Linu » 12. Aug 2019, 03:11

I have finally set up VirtualBox after a week of struggle.
Complete novice question: I have programs on CD/DVD and on a USB stick which I can see on the underlying Mint O/S. How do I install them on the virtual Win7 O/S?
Peter Linu
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Re: Absolute beginner question

Postby MontyMan » 13. Aug 2019, 14:53

Dear Peter,

Let me recommend you create a shared directory (folder) so you can take the USB files and put them in a location that can be directly accessed on your guest machine.

You can do likewise with the CD/DVD files, if it's only files we're talking about. If the VM needs to see them as being on a disc, I recommend you convert the disk to an ISO image eg., DiscImage.iso and use these instructions... https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch03. ... gs-storage to attach that disc image to the VM.

I brushed over some details here; let us know if you need assistance with any steps. All best,
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Re: Absolute beginner question

Postby WFV » 15. Aug 2019, 08:28

Install the Guest Additions and you can then access them direct from the guest. The manuals have excellent instructions for this.
Mint should have it in its repositories if it didn't install with the main package. You still have to load it in the guest of interest. But not knowing what your guest is, that is far as can go with topic.
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