[WorksForMe] Cloud Profile Manager not Available on Linux?

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[WorksForMe] Cloud Profile Manager not Available on Linux?

Postby pmonday » 2. Aug 2019, 19:13

I am trying to use the "Export to OCI" feature and am not having much luck.

I've been following the instructions here: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E97728_01/E9 ... l/ovf.html

In a nutshell, the Cloud Profile Manager is not an option in the File dropdown (Oracle Linux 7.6 and CentOS Linux 7.6.1810), VirtualBox 6.0.10.

I try the manual setup with a ~/.oci/config and/or a ~/.VIrtualBox/oci_config and then attempt to export my VM with "Machine -> Export to OCI". The export starts, it gets to about step 16/18 and then hangs. I never get asked for a Bucket location so I'm guessing something is just not right.

The VBoxSVC.log is looping on the message:
00:45:16.243299 nspr-2 ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND (0x80bb0001) aIID={9b6e1aee-35f3-4f4d-b5bb-ed0ecefd8538} aComponent={EventSourceWrap} aText={Listener was never registered}, preserve=false aResultDetail=0

My oci_config looks like (adding a compartment OCID does not help):

One additional note, both of these machines I'm trying on had many past installations of VirtualBox going back a few years, though I removed them before installing 6.0.x. I removed the .VirtualBox directories as well on one of my attempts wondering if there was some incompatible menu state but that didn't change the outcome.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Cloud Profile Manager not Available on Linux?

Postby pmonday » 5. Aug 2019, 17:52

Got it, the problem was simply that my extension pack was not installed when I upgraded. So export to cloud does require the extension pack, then following the OCI configuration appears to get to the next steps!
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Re: Cloud Profile Manager not Available on Linux?

Postby socratis » 14. Aug 2019, 06:04

Glad you figured it out, marking as [WorksForMe].
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