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Dropped network connection

PostPosted: 1. Aug 2019, 15:23
by Maxx4231
I came into work this morning, and could not ping or ssh to the guestOS, from a remote machine or the host OS. It worked yesterday, and I guess dropped sometime overnight. Restarting the guest OS (from within the guest OS) did not work. I had to shutdown the guest, close all virtualbox windows, and then restart everything, for it to work.

Any idea what the issue may be here?

Host OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Guest OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Virtualbox version: 6.08

Configured Network Adapter 2 as bridged network. Network Adapter 1 and 3 are disconnected.


Re: Dropped network connection

PostPosted: 14. Aug 2019, 04:36
by socratis
Maxx4231 wrote:Any idea what the issue may be here?

You're not giving us too much to work with, but keep in mind that these things tend to happen, even in the real world. I'm having a problem for example with my physical Mint 19, where if it goes to sleep my 2 NICs think that the cable is unplugged! I have to actually reboot the whole system for it to work again! :shock:

Ref: ... ug/1798921