[Fixed] Virtualbox grabbing keyboard/focus after mouse clicked outside (#18745)

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[Fixed] Virtualbox grabbing keyboard/focus after mouse clicked outside (#18745)

Postby luizluca » 12. Jul 2019, 04:47

ModEdit; related ticket: #18745: Vbox 6.0.8 keeps keyboard grab even after mouse is out


Since some weeks, vbox started to keep keyboard grab even after I left VM windows. Something like this:
  1. with mouse integration on click inside the VM. Keyboard is grabbed by VM
  2. click anywhere outside the VM windows (i.e.: an text editor). Keyboard leaves VM and I can start to type inside the editor
  3. A second after I clicked, I can see the current position cursor inside the editor disappear (indicating that the component has lost focus). All my keyboard keys are back to VM.
I can only break this cycle by using the "host key", even when VM window is not in use (but has keyboard grab).

  • VM window grab keyboard as soon as it starts (even before OS is booting)
  • I'm using Virtualbox 6.0.8 in an updated OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (using OpenSUSE Tumbleweed vbox packages).
  • I'm using KDE
  • I have both extensions and additions installed
I'm using headless VM with RDP in order to avoid the rogue keyboard grabbing.
Does anyone have seen this before?

I also reported this issue https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/18745
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Re: [Fixed] Virtualbox grabbing keyboard/focus after mouse clicked outside (#18745)

Postby socratis » 12. Jul 2019, 09:49

luizluca wrote:It seems to be an issue with QT 5.13

... which has been addressed with changeset 79640. Added the ticket info in the title/1st post and marking as [Fixed].

Great detective work! 8)
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