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Help with audio (alsa)

PostPosted: 7. Dec 2017, 15:59
by md1011
Host = Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS
RDP Host = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64
Guest = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86

VirtualBox 5.2.0r118431

I followed the steps in the AudioDebug wiki, but the .WAV files that generate are all 44 Bytes with nothing to play. When I play audio on the guest, you can see the activity in the Volume controls, so my thought is that my driver set-up on the guest is correct. Thanks in advance for anything you can provide.

Log attached

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uid=1000(marc) gid=1000(marc) groups=1000(marc),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),110(lxd),113(sambashare),117(lpadmin),118(vboxusers)

VM Info
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Name:            Win7x86
Groups:          /
Guest OS:        Windows 7 (32-bit)
UUID:            744fc242-1ba2-44a5-ac16-42446bca22a9
Config file:     /home/marc/.config/VirtualBox/VMs/Win7x86/Win7x86.vbox
Snapshot folder: /home/marc/.config/VirtualBox/VMs/Win7x86/Snapshots
Log folder:      /home/marc/.config/VirtualBox/VMs/Win7x86/Logs
Hardware UUID:   744fc242-1ba2-44a5-ac16-42446bca22a9
Memory size:     4096MB
Page Fusion:     off
VRAM size:       8MB
CPU exec cap:    100%
HPET:            off
Chipset:         piix3
Firmware:        BIOS
Number of CPUs:  1
PAE:             on
Long Mode:       off
Triple Fault Reset: off
APIC:            on
X2APIC:          off
CPUID Portability Level: 0
CPUID overrides: None
Boot menu mode:  message and menu
Boot Device (1): Floppy
Boot Device (2): DVD
Boot Device (3): HardDisk
Boot Device (4): Not Assigned
ACPI:            on
IOAPIC:          off
Time offset:     0ms
RTC:             local time
Hardw. virt.ext: on
Nested Paging:   on
Large Pages:     off
VT-x VPID:       on
VT-x unr. exec.: on
Paravirt. Provider: Default
Effective Paravirt. Provider: HyperV
State:           running (since 2017-12-07T13:51:15.900000000)
Monitor count:   1
3D Acceleration: off
2D Video Acceleration: off
Teleporter Enabled: off
Teleporter Port: 0
Teleporter Address:
Teleporter Password:
Tracing Enabled: off
Allow Tracing to Access VM: off
Tracing Configuration:
Autostart Enabled: off
Autostart Delay: 0
Default Frontend:
Storage Controller Name (0):            sata
Storage Controller Type (0):            IntelAhci
Storage Controller Instance Number (0): 0
Storage Controller Max Port Count (0):  30
Storage Controller Port Count (0):      30
Storage Controller Bootable (0):        on
Storage Controller Name (1):            ide
Storage Controller Type (1):            PIIX4
Storage Controller Instance Number (1): 0
Storage Controller Max Port Count (1):  2
Storage Controller Port Count (1):      2
Storage Controller Bootable (1):        on
sata (0, 0): /home/marc/.config/VirtualBox/VMs/Win7x86/Win7x86-HDD01 (UUID: 0a023339-e68d-48c3-a67d-977f5fa4512b)
ide (1, 0): /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso (UUID: d9b2603d-98ad-4134-8c91-4f244b7f2e06)
NIC 1:           MAC: 0800279AB193, Attachment: Bridged Interface 'enp5s0', Cable connected: on, Trace: off (file: none), Type: 82540EM, Reported speed: 0 Mbps, Boot priority: 0, Promisc Policy: deny, Bandwidth group: none
NIC 2:           disabled
NIC 3:           disabled
NIC 4:           disabled
NIC 5:           disabled
NIC 6:           disabled
NIC 7:           disabled
NIC 8:           disabled
Pointing Device: PS/2 Mouse
Keyboard Device: PS/2 Keyboard
UART 1:          disabled
UART 2:          disabled
UART 3:          disabled
UART 4:          disabled
LPT 1:           disabled
LPT 2:           disabled
Audio:           enabled (Driver: ALSA, Controller: AC97, Codec: STAC9700)
Audio playback:  enabled
Audio capture: disabled
Clipboard Mode:  disabled
Drag and drop Mode: disabled
Session name:    headless
Video mode:      1920x1080x24 at 0,0 enabled
VRDE:            enabled (Address, Ports 3389, MultiConn: off, ReuseSingleConn: off, Authentication type: null)
VRDE port:       3389
Video redirection: disabled
VRDE property: TCP/Ports  = "3389"
VRDE property: TCP/Address = <not set>
VRDE property: VideoChannel/Enabled = <not set>
VRDE property: VideoChannel/Quality = <not set>
VRDE property: VideoChannel/DownscaleProtection = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableDisplay = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableInput = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableAudio = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableUSB = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableClipboard = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableUpstreamAudio = <not set>
VRDE property: Client/DisableRDPDR = <not set>
VRDE property: H3DRedirect/Enabled = <not set>
VRDE property: Security/Method = <not set>
VRDE property: Security/ServerCertificate = <not set>
VRDE property: Security/ServerPrivateKey = <not set>
VRDE property: Security/CACertificate = <not set>
VRDE property: Audio/RateCorrectionMode = <not set>
VRDE property: Audio/LogPath = <not set>
USB:             enabled
EHCI:            enabled
XHCI:            enabled

USB Device Filters:

Index:            0
Active:           yes
Name:             usb001
VendorId:         05dc
ProductId:        a838
Remote:           yes
Serial Number:

Available remote USB devices:


Currently Attached USB Devices:


Bandwidth groups:  <none>

Shared folders:

Name: 'Home', Host path: '/home/marc' (machine mapping), writable

VRDE Connection:    not active
Clients so far:     0

Capturing:          not active
Capture screens:    0
Capture file:       /home/marc/.config/VirtualBox/VMs/Win7x86/Win7x86.webm
Capture dimensions: 1024x768
Capture rate:       512 kbps
Capture FPS:        25
Capture options:


Configured memory balloon size:      0 MB
OS type:                             Windows7
Additions run level:                 3
Additions version:                   5.2.0 r118431

Guest Facilities:

Facility "VirtualBox Base Driver": active/running (last update: 2017/12/07 13:51:32 UTC)
Facility "VirtualBox System Service": active/running (last update: 2017/12/07 13:51:40 UTC)
Facility "VirtualBox Desktop Integration": active/running (last update: 2017/12/07 13:51:45 UTC)
Facility "Seamless Mode": active/running (last update: 2017/12/07 13:51:32 UTC)
Facility "Graphics Mode": active/running (last update: 2017/12/07 13:51:32 UTC)

Re: Help with audio (alsa)

PostPosted: 7. Dec 2017, 17:40
by socratis
They're actively working on the audio. Try the test builds and see if there is any improvement. Otherwise you'll have to wait until more fixes come in.