Error : "ahci-0-1" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL) - in virtualbox

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Error : "ahci-0-1" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL) - in virtualbox

Postby mpour » 6. Dec 2017, 12:33

Hi guys,

I've faced a problem in my VirtualBox machine.
The OS of my host is Centos7 and the virtual host is Windows7 (32bit).
I've created a virtual host and the storage information is the following:
+Type (Format): Normal (vmdk)
+Virtual Size: 200G
+Actual Size: 44.86 G
+Dynamically Allocated Storage.

till now, it worked but suddenly I've faced the following error:

An error has occurred during virtual machine execution! The error details are shown below. You may try to correct the error and resume the virtual machine execution.
The I/O cache encountered an error while updating data in medium "ahci-0-1" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL). Make sure there is enough free space on the disk and that the disk is working properly. Operation can be resumed afterwards.
Severity: Non-Fatal Error

I couldn't find any appropriate solution for it.
Also I tried to resize the Actual size, but ii could not.
Could you possibly help me to find a solution.

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Re: Error : "ahci-0-1" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL) - in virtualbox

Postby mpack » 6. Dec 2017, 13:01

There is no such thing as a "virtual host". You are running a hotel for Virtual Machines. Hence you are the host (along with your physical PC). The VMs are the guests. It's necessary to be clear on which is which, otherwise you have no chance of understanding error messages or advice.

Moving on, "DISK FULL" seems quite clear to me. The host partition (on which the VDI is located) is full or close to it.

The problem has nothing to do with the logical capacity of the guest drive. It's the host you need to look at.
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