Mouse click stuck on. Guest machine and native app

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Mouse click stuck on. Guest machine and native app

Postby StickyMouseMan » 1. Dec 2017, 07:58

Ive looked all over and can't seem to find someone else with this problem. Virtualbox is detecting my mouse has clicked and held down. It does this both in the menus and settings of the Virtualbox window, and the windows virtual machine I have been trying to set up. So I end up dragging the window around, drawing big select boxes, need to click wildly for mouse to register click, etc.

Some things to know:
I am running ubuntu 17.10 on a Lenovo y-50 with a touch screen.
I am using an external mouse.
I have to disable my touchscreen in xinput when I start up my machine or it registers random clicks from hardware damage. (I suspect this is related, when I disable an input in xinput, does VB circumvent that?)
I have tried disabling each pointing device in xinput. it seems to do the same thing whether I use external mouse, trackpad with external mouse plugged in, trackpad with no external mouse.

If anyone has any ideas, I would super appreciate the input! Thanks for your time!
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