Vboxauto restart service - Having a space in path name

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Vboxauto restart service - Having a space in path name

Postby BCTadmin » 7. Nov 2017, 14:41


Im really struggling with setting up the vbox auto restart service. The problem i have is that the etc/defauly/virtualbox config file requires the VBOXAUTOSTART_DB= path to have a space in the directory path. i.e /home/VirtualBox VMs

I have tried multiple ways to create the syntax -

VBOXAUTOSTART_DB="/home/VirtualBox VMs"
VBOXAUTOSTART_DB="/home/VirtualBox\ VMs"
and if I run this as an export

export VBOXAUTOSTART_DB="/home/VirtualBox VMs"

it works

However If I then restart the service and run
service vboxautostart-service status

The service can no get access as it cant see that path. It looks at /home/VirtualBox and then /VMs as opposed to the full path.

normally I would "$VBOXAUTOSTART_DB" for it to work ???

Any suggestions as to what Im doing wrong?


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