No network when trying to use bridge on bond0

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No network when trying to use bridge on bond0

Postby cursor » 1. Nov 2017, 00:37

I have a machine with 5 ethernet ports. The "main" is enp38s0 which is configured as the default and has all the gateway and DNS information. All other ports are bonded together as bond0 on a CentOS 7.4 machine. I am trying to put my guests on the bond interface using bridge type networking. If I put the guest on the main port it works and I can reach the internet an I can ssh into the guest. If I set the guest to use bond0 as its interface for networking I simply cannot reach anywhere, even on my local network. The network interface on the guest is configured for static IP. I cannot ping the host or anything else.

I thought this may be a problem with the bond interface (which works fine outside VIrtualbox) but I then proceeded to unmake the bonding and have all 4 ports as stand alone (enp42s0 to enp45s0). When I try to select any of those for the guest I also cannot reach anything. I really do not know if I am missing anything. On regular networking everything is working. All ports respond to ping and I can SSH into the server using any of the IPs assigned to each port. It is just Virtualbox guests that have a problem. Only when set to use the port on the motherboard does networking work for the guests. The other 4 ports are on a PCI Express card that has a Realtek chip. I am really lost and have no idea how to proceed. Any ideas?

I am using VirtualBox-5.0-5.0.40_115130_el7-1.x86_64 (headless with phpvirtualbox) on a CentOS 7.4 machine.
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