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Re: VirtualBox on Ubuntu 16.04 fails to load VirtualBox Kernel Modules

PostPosted: 29. Jun 2017, 15:55
by Pariah
Wow, I recently upgraded to Xenial LTS. All I had to do was re-add the Virtualbox official repo and then I

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sudo apt remove virtualbox*

Which will removeolder versions of virtualbox without removing the VMs or configs. I then added the official repo
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sudo apt update
sudo apt install virtualbox-5.1

(NOTE: Virtualbox as of 5.1 stopped using dkms so virtualbox-dkms is no longer needed and will not support 5.1 anyways).

Then after the kernel upgraded I got the DBus message that the kernel modules failed to load. I then opened my terminal and issued:
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sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-5.1

It Then popped up a message in terminal that it needed to create system user group. Just hit enter. You will drop back to the terminal and see a one line System Group already exists skipping... Followed by a blank line. It seems the module rebuild and replace is happening while the blank line is present. A min or 2 later once the interactive prompt returns you are good to go and I can fire up virtualbox right away.

Also for other Host Linux OSes (or if you like to see more info on Ubuntu the following command is all you need on any Linux host:

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/sbin/rcvboxdrv setup

This works the same as the older /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup they have just changed the name.