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dhcp and macvlans in vbox'd containers

PostPosted: 20. Dec 2013, 19:08
by toby.h.ferguson
Problem: macvlans don't seem to allow VirtualBox guests containers (!) to use dhcp, no matter the networking mode, no matter the adaptor chosen.

Description: OL6U5 host, OL6U5 guest, bridged networking, non-intel adaptor. Guest contains a linux container, and I want to make that container use dhcp to get its address. This doesn't work ... setting the address manually does work, but dhcp doesn't.

Anyone seen anything like this, or have any ideas what I might try next? (I haven't gotten wireshark out yet to see if the request gets out, but that'd be my next step as/when I have time)


Re: dhcp and macvlans in vbox'd containers

PostPosted: 22. Jan 2014, 21:22
by toby.h.ferguson
For the record, Jerome gave me this info:

1. The "Adapter Type" should be set to "PCnet-FAST III" (not the default, which is an Intel PRO/1000 variant), see
2. "Promiscuous Mode" should be set to "Allow All".

And I found that my container configuration file had TWO entries for in it - so I reduced it to this set:

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view = macvlan = bridge = eth0 = up

Furthermore, my ifcfg-eth0 contained:

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view

Once I'd done an ifdown eth0; ifup eth0 everything worked as I'd hoped. Great!