VBOX_USER_HOME environment variable

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VBOX_USER_HOME environment variable

Postby rustleg » 26. Mar 2008, 18:54

I am running Debian Etch with Gnome. I want to use a different directory for my Virtualbox con?guration directory, so according to the manual it says " you can supply an alternate con?guration directory by setting the VBOX_USER_HOME environment variable." I suppose it assumes you know how to set this.

I have added
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export VBOX_USER_HOME=/my/Vbox/Base
to my /home/me/.bashrc file. When I run env in a terminal I can see this variable is defined ok. But Virtualbox doesn't use it for some reason.

I can't find how the Gnome menu item for "Innotek Virtualbox" is launched. I created a separate launcher for the desktop with the command Virtualbox which runs but again doesn't use my custom directory.

This is probably a simple problem for a Linux expert but I haven't been able to find the solution.
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Postby Sasquatch » 26. Mar 2008, 20:51

Simpelest I would do, is create a symbolic link to the new config folder. I have the same for Wine. Wine insists it uses my home folder, but I don't like that, so I symlinked it to the location where I do want stuff to go to.
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ln -s /path/to/vbox/settings /home/[user]/.virtualbox

Not the way VBox would go, but it works without any problems.
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Postby rustleg » 27. Mar 2008, 12:00

Thanks Sasquatch,this works fine.

I never considered making a symlink - actually this is the first time I have created a directory symbolic link. You have given me a tool I can think of using in the future. Much appreciated.
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