chart titles clipped in excel

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chart titles clipped in excel

Postby bioe007 » 11. Mar 2008, 19:53

Host: zenwalk 5.0,, VirtualBox 1.5.6 PUEL
Guest: WinXp, SP2

this is a small but extremely annoying problem.

in Excel (2003) charts y-axis titles get clipped by a seemingly pseudo-random amount.


in the image above, there should be for the y-axis title:


whats worse is that I can't seem to grab and resize the text box that contains the y-axis title. Resizing the font (with auto-scale turned off) helps somewhat, but only if I select 8pt font - which is utterly useless in a .ppt presentation.

If I open the same file in native Windows Excel, I have no problems.

anyone else notice this? or even better have a solution?

adding chars to the end of the titles doesn't work because inevitably the files are sent to and viewed on native Windows machines, where extra chars would be apparent, confusing, and unprofessional.
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Re: chart titles clipped in excel

Postby claudeM » 17. Apr 2009, 22:45

Hi there,

Host: Mac Osx Leopard 10.5.5, Vbox PUEL 2.1.0
Guest: Windows XP SP2

I have the same exact problem than the OP, it seems the problem still exists one year later :cry:
It is a real pain not to be able to correctly use Excel through Vbox, and having to boot specifically in XP via bootcamp :evil:

More so because except this problem, I am very happy with Vbox :D
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Re: chart titles clipped in excel

Postby vbox4me2 » 17. Apr 2009, 22:55

You can open a ticket on Bugtracker which gives a better chance to get it solved.
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