vboxmanage execute errot - VERR_TOO_MUCH_DATA

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vboxmanage execute errot - VERR_TOO_MUCH_DATA

Postby jmorcate » 8. May 2012, 10:25

I've been trying to start an application in my virtual machine without success. I have VirtualBox 4.1.14r77440 with the last extension pack installed. My host OS is Ubuntu 1.10 64 bits and the guest is also Ubuntu 1.10 but 32 bits. I have installed also the Guest Additions to my guest. When I try:

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$ vboxmanage guestcontrol pukapuka exec "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal" --username joa --password joa --environment "DISPLAY=:0.0" --wait-stderr --verbose

I get the following:

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Waiting for guest to start process ...
Process '/usr/bin/gnome-terminal' (PID: 33) started
Waiting for process to exit ...
VBoxManage: error: Client reported critical error VERR_TOO_MUCH_DATA -- shutting down.

It has to do with the environment parameter. Doesn't matter what I put here or the command that I issue, I always get the same error.

Do I have to set the virtual machine some how (e.g. using SSH keys) to work with vboxmanage guestcontrol? Has the VM Display to be in Seamless mode? Any idea about an alternative to do this? Basically, I have an java application that I have to test in different OS (Windows, Linux, Solaris) and I would like to be able , from the CI server, to start a VM, copy the application across, and run a number of unit test.

Thank you very much,

Thank you very much
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